Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Perfect Club is "My Go To Club"

    We get calls everyday and these exact words are said from just about everyone of our awesome customers "The Perfect Club is my go to club"  We appreciate this so much.  We'll have the XI series of perfect clubs coming soon the New Perfect Spoon, Perfect Plus, Perfect Club 347 and Perfect Accuracy for Ladies and Men mid June! 
   The Perfect Driver will be right behind those in July!  Thank you to all our customers who have been so patient with us as we rebuild The Perfect Club Company.
Also these clubs are in the planning stage!  Lets us know what you would like to see first? FROM TPC The Perfect Club.
  • New -TPC Perfect Driver 425 43.5" 10.5°
  • New -TPC Perfect Transition 27°
  • TPC - Perfect Chipper (the prototype is awesome)!  chipping just became real easy!
  • TPC  Hybrid irons.